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If you plan on living in the home year round a heat pump is a wise investment. Electric heat is a very inefficient form of heat. Because of that, it is very expensive. If you like keeping your money and not writing large checks to the electric company you may want to invest in a heat pump.  

Heat Pump

What is a heat pump?

Simply put a heat pump is an air conditioner running in the opposite direction. In normal use an a/c will take the heat energy from inside your house and release it outside. If you have a Heat Pump it will take the heat energy from outside and bring it inside.

Now before you say that it is crazy cold outside and that is why you are turning on the heat, remember that the refrigerant in your ac system is super cold. Even if it is 45 F outside, the outside air is still warmer than the refrigerant in your system. This video explains how the system works. 

Are Heat Pumps worth the money?

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